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Obtain the Patient's Sample

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  • Whole blood: 5cc in EDTA (purple top) blood tubes
  • Extracted DNA: 5μg at 50 ng/μL
  • DNA must be extracted in a CLIA lab and handled and shipped in accordance with CLIA regulations.

Prepare the Sample for Shipment

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  • Blood or DNA should be refrigerated after collection until the time of shipment
  • Ship blood samples within 2 days of collection
  • Ship blood samples on refrigerated gel pack and DNA samples on frozen ice packs using overnight delivery
  • Samples must be sent using at least two unique identifiers (such as name, DOB, MR number) that match exactly on the patient sample blood or DNA tube and the requisition form

Ship Overnight for Receipt Monday to Thursday

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Attn: Specimen Processing
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Additional FAQs

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Can I use insurance to get reimbursed?

At this time, QnA does not accept insurance.

How do I pay for my test?

QnA accepts self-pay through check or electronic funds transfer.

What samples do you accept?

QnA accepts whole blood in purple top EDTA blood tubes or CLIA extracted DNA.

How do I send in my sample?

Blood samples should be shipped on a refrigerated gel pack within 2 days of collection. DNA should be shipped overnight using frozen ice packs.

How do I receive my results?

The clinical report will be sent directly to your ordering provider.

Can I obtain my raw data?

You or your ordering physician may request the raw data files.